What is the best Controller Setup for Traktor Pro

There are a multitude of different ways you can use Traktor wit different setups – it will work with any Midi controller – so really its down to personal preference:

The M-Audio Evolution UC33e is a solid reliable controller with loads of Faders, Knobs and Buttons to which you can assign loads of different things to Traktor. As far as value goes for multi use Midi Controllers, this seems to be the best. Comes very highly recommended from Kid Handsome too! 

If you want a more DJ-Specific all in one controller, one of the most popular setups is the Vestax VCI-100 – I also believe this to be a good all round safe choice for a setup using Traktor.

Both the VCI-100 and the UC33 are just MIDI controller’s – they do not contain Soundcards (The Xponent and the Vestax VCI-300 Do however). So, to Monitor with Headphones you will need a soundcard. The Native Instruments Audio 2 DJ seems to be a good choice.

What i like about the Vestax VCI-100 is is DJ specific and not just a generaic controller that can be mapped for use with Traktor etc. This may not matter to some but I’m just used to all in one DJ controllers so its my preference. It has the basic’s laid out as you’d expect and it if you are used to using CDJ’s and a mixer etc, with a few extras on there too – some which are assignable for multi use. It also has platters which many say are pointless in Traktor but again, its a personal thing as some people still like to use them on occasion.

The other thing I like about it is that it has a very solid userbase and a dedicated following. From my background of working in the software industry I know how advantageous this can be. www.djtechtools.com is one of the leading websites for digital DJ’s and they have their own custom version of the VCI-100 that they have made a custom mapping for, and then applied an overlay on the actual unit itself. It can be bought from here ($600 including shipping, works out at €400).

What I plan to do, is use both the VCI-100 and the UC33 together. The Vestax will do the normal stuff and I’ll map the UC33 for some effects and other features I might want to use in Traktor. I’d live to give some of the more advanced features that Traktor has to offer – I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out and I’ll let you know more in a few weeks.

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  1. Hey, I recently just got into Dj’ing, and i bought the Numark Mixdeck, and it came with virtual Dj, and Traktor, now I am fairly new to this and i have No idea how to set it up onto my laptop using it for my mixdeck. Ive searched everywhere and just cant seem to find a step by step process. Any idea where i could do this?

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