Wanna hear a joke? The iPhone.

The iPhone has pretty much reigned supreme as king of the smartphones ever since they introduced the first version back in 2007. Since then there have been 4 versions, each of which have a few little extras (that some believe should have been there in the first place), yet upon its launch Apple will claim that it “Changes Everything – Again” – fantastic marketing hyperbole as Apple does best. Apple Fanboys lavished in the fact that the iPhone was the best of the best, and for the most part it was – there were some good challengers but whether they were better or not was debatable. Until now.

Right now the two major Android phone manufacturers, HTC & Samsung, are releasing the second generation of super smartphones, and both in my opinion are iPhone Killers. Have a watch of these video’s to get a taste of Apple’s tears.

HTC Sensation

Samsung Galaxy S II

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