Video from Google’s new Project Glass

If you have not heard Google is working on a futuristic type technology where you will wear a set of glasses and it will project certain data onto the glass so you can do a lot of the functions your Smartphones does, totally hands free by using your voice. It even has a pretty decent camera and video-camera built in. Here is the first video.

Very impressive considering he’s bouncing on a trampoline. Try that with your camera phone and the result would not be much/any better.

My guess is that everyone is basically going “What, no way anyone is going to wear those stupid looking things!” but 20 years ago people used to say “I would not be caught dead walking down the road holding a phone to my face” – and I’d bet in time things will change.

Typical, I just get laser surgery on my eyes after wearing glasses since I was 13, and now they come out with super cool technology to make it actually properly useful to wear them.



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