The X-Games

tpastrana2backflip06I’m not a very big sports fan. Have zero interest in Rugby or Football, or pretty much any team based ball sports. They bore me. Even though I don’t follow it as closely as I’d like, Formula 1 would probably my favourite because there is just so much more to it than cars going around a track. Some people say its more about the  race of technology than it is a race between people. I generally prefer watching the moire extreme sports, and I really love the X-Games.

Ok I’m not really into skateboarding, it’s a bit basic for me, but I’ve always been into BMW and used to do a lot of Mountain Biking myself. Freestyle Motocross is something I’ve followed for years. The thing I like most about it is how the riders just keep on pushing the boundaries of what is thought possible, and doing more and more crazy and dangerous tricks – every few months someone does something completely new – and that rider who performs an trick first, gets to name it, So you end up with moves called the Can-Can, the Heart Attack or the Tsunami, and a whole host of others.

One trick however, simply takes my breath away. It was not long ago when people thought doing a backflip on a motorcycle was impossible, until Cary Heart did it a few years back. It was not long until all the other riders were pulling off backflip combinations and you could not win a competition without some upside down action. It opened a totally new realm of possibility.

But in 2007 Travis Pastrana did one, better, he did theDouble Backflip. The risks in not landing this trick properly are very serious injury or possible death – but he executed it perfectly and put himself into the history books. What is even more incredible is that someone else tried it on a Snowmobile!!!! Seriously, how crazy do you have to be?

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