The Jobs Market in 2009

I think this video sums it all up…

A fantastically simple yet effective piece, not exactly what you’d call politically correct though! I love it though – kinda South Park Esque…

I’m very happy and thankful to say that 2009 is looking good for me, and (afaik) my job is pretty safe. but its really scary too see what is happening to the people around me. I’ve been out of college and in the real world for about 6 years now – I completed a three year degree and was beginning my career in as short a time as possible. However I know quite a few people who stayed around the college scene, getting a string of further qualifications which promised to make them infinitely more desirable to the market, meaning they could climb the ladder to the big bucks at a far more rapid rate. unfortunately with the times that are in it, this probably did not pan out to be the wisest decision to have made. Often in times like this, real practical previous experience is valued more highly than raw qualifications. People are even saying that MBA’s are just not worth it any more -And that was before we entered a recession!

Unfortunately many people now find themselves in a real predicament. Obviously, know one could have foreseen the global economic downturn coming so soon and to such a great extent. Some of the traditional professions which would previously have been though of as safe – like solicitors for example – are now really feeling it. I know several people who have spent 6 or more years getting qualified, have now been released onto the job market, only to find there are pretty much no jobs for newly qualified people. Due to the amount of redundancies at higher levels, these experienced workers are now being forced to take entry level jobs just to have some sort of money coming in. A solicitor with several years experience now glad to have a job making €25k – wow, not many people thought the beginning of 2009 would look like this.

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