The impending censorship of the internet

I found this video from a post on – who rarely speak out about anything political etc – however if you watch this video you’ll see why so many big players are stepping up and speaking out against some impending legislation that could mean the end of the open and free nature of the internet as we know it.. And that’s just the beginning.

Please take a few minutes to get an understanding of the possible ramifications of this legislation, and why everyone should try to do what they can to oppose it.

The reaction to this has been incredible. The giant web host GoDaddy suffereed massive basklash from their users after 22,000 of them pledged to move hosts if GoDaddy continued to support SOPA. And it worked. They reversed their decision, and now many online communities from Reddit to Business Insider are launching a campaign against any companies who support SOPA.

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  1. The video was not made by us, but by Fight for the Future. I embedded it in the post because it’s the best video I’ve seen in terms of summing up the issues quickly.

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