Facebook adds 100 Million users in 8 Months!

Facebook is an incredible social phenomenon: It took close to 5 years to hit the magical number of 100 million users – but now it has doubled that to 200 million,  in just 8 months. Doubling your user base in under a year is a fantastic achievement – and it not rare for startups with just thousands of users – but doubling from a base of 100 Million is simply astonishing.

At 200 Million Users, Facebook is:

  • Twice as big as the largest number of people who have ever watched a Superbowl game
  • Twice as big as YouTube
  • Twice as big as Skype
  • Bigger than the number of people who own gaming consoles in their homes (190m)
  • Bigger than the population of all but 4 countries in the world. (Just passed Brazil, next in line is Indonesia and then the US.)
  • Twice as big as eBay.
  • Four times as big as the number of people in the US who run on treadmills.
  • It’s twice as big as the number of malnourished people in India. Another way to look at that is to imagine that half of the people on Facebook were malnourished and living in one place.

Facebook is the perfect example of Web 2.0 – and it it starting a revolution.

Barack Obama – “President 2.0”

I’d like to say I was an avid follower of the US Presidential Election race, but unfortunately I was not. I kept and eye on what was going on but really I was not particularity cued up on either. I just hated Bush though so any change no matter who it was, was going to be a very good thing.

I didn’t like the sound of McCain, he’s so dam Old that he’ll have a properly old-fashioned attitude to running the country free world. I was quite suspicious of this video about Obama highlighting some pretty scary facts about his background. However those concerns did not last long after I got to truly understand who he is and what he’s about. Right now I think that from many standpoints, he’s the best thing to happen to this world in quite a long long time.

One of the main reasons I like Obama so much, is that he the first person in real authority that is truly part of the new generation, and his ideas and aspirations reflect this. For this reason the younger generation – the ‘new generation’ of people who are now running this world, can really identify with him – and he will bring to fruition a lot of changes that the older generations would not have really though about. Long before he was president he wrote a book himself, where you can get to know the real Obama. He even admits that he used to smoke a lot of marijuana, and even did cocaine occasionally. What that says to the general public is that he’s not going to pretend to be the prefect model citizen – because most people are not that themselves. He is normal, and cool, and experienced in ‘real-life’ – that is how a proper representative of the people should be.

The other (main) reason, the reason behind the title of this post – is that I really believe Obama is the first president in history who actually “Gets Technology” – and for this reason I’m calling him “President 2.0“. Technology was an absolutely crucial part of his election campaign, and definitely one of the main reasons why he won. He used services like Facebook, Myspace & Twitter to spread his name in the campaign run. His Change.gov website is absolutely excellent in terms of the  quality of his website from a standards point of view, and also the  overall objective and delivery of his message. A big different from McCain who admitted his did not even use Email. Obama on the other hand has a Wii hooked up to his presidential sized TV in his oval office. (Well, its probably in his living room but I’d like to think  about how it would be cool if he played a little Wii tennis while entertaining the worlds leaders)…

Reagan was the first president to mix things up in his generation by having a weekly address to the nation on the radio. Obama does it on youtube.

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My Favorite Tech Blogs and Websites

I like to keep up to date on what is going on the interweb, specifically the “Web 2.0” type companies, new ventures on Web Applications and the likes of what Google and Facebook are planning.

If you have an interest in these too, here are a few sites I recommend:


If you have any favourites that are not listed here please let me know!

Resell your old Mp3’s!

I thought this was a joke, but no apparently there is no a site where you can upload your unwanted Mp3’s and resell them to to others. The site is: http://www.bopaboo.com – Read more here:

Now I assume after you upload your song you probably have to tick a box confirming you have then deleted it off your computer, but seriously do they think everyone is going to be that honest? What stops someone spending all day downloading music illegally, then reselling it for half the price on this site. I’d say you could make a fortune! I’d do it myself but I wouldn’t last long in jail….

What happens if you download a song from someone, assuming it was bought legally, but it turns out it was pirated. Are they going to chase you too for handling stolen goods? Pffft….

It won’t be long until the music industry set their bulldog lawyers on this, and you never know if they throw enough money at it they might just be successful and get the site shit down. But I’m sure there will be 10 more sites just like it by that time. They can keep trying to fight, but they are fighting a loosing battle. The music industry should get with the times and change their business model and stop swimming against the tide.

New WordPress Release – this is impressive

I’m a huge fan of wordpress. I just love its simplicity & usability and its “Web 2.0” feel. This latest release has some fantastic new additions and really sets the bar for open sourse software.

Take a look at this video fora  sneak peak:

The thing I find most interesting about the whole thing, is that in my day job I sell some of the leading “Enterprise 2.0” software on the market. It’s very very expensive and gets millions pumped into it from an R&D perspective – however its still years behind software like wordpress in terms of basic usability and scalability via plugins etc