Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Review

Google just announced their newest version of Android 4.1 – codenamed “Jelly Bean”.  This is not as feature packed as many previous releases, but it’s certainly not any less significant – it’s much more than just a decimal – in fact this is one of the most important releases ever for a number of reasons. The main one I can see being “Project Butter” – making Android “Smooth as Butter” – it’s now super fast and responsive throughout the entire OS – something people had previously criticised Android compared to iOS. So, now Apple Fanboys have almost nothing in their Arsenal to throw at Android. So along with that and some small but really impressive feature updates, along with “Google Now” – Google’s “Siri Killer – this really is a formidable force.

Check out this video for a good overview of all the new features:

The biggest new feature release is the update to Google Voice – aka the “Siri Killer”. Initially I was skeptical that google could beat siri on its first release, but check out this video to see just how good it is:

Google Voice certainly seems to be a LOT faster. Now Siri’s new release can do a  few things that Google can’t like launching apps etc – however speed is massively important as if it’s even a bit laggy you’re just not going to use it. Considering it’s their first proper release its very very impressive. It even fully works offline!

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Android is now steadily pulling away from Apple more and more in the mobile OS race. What is really needed to solidify this win is a decent marketing campaign. 98% of people are plastered with Apple’s incredible marketing yet know little of what Android is – and so do not know there is a far better alternative to Apple when it comes to smartphones.

In typical Apple fashion, yesterday they were granted an injunction to stop Google’s Nexus phone from selling. It cost them $96 Million to achieve this. I really wish Apple would stop acting like a pissy little child and focus on innovation, instead of spending all their time & energy suing people.