Top 10 Essential Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions

If you are not using Google Chrome yet – I highly advice you download it right now, and make it your primary Browser. I’m absolutely loving Chrome, especially since they brought extensions into the game. The quality of the Extensions in Chrome are simply fantastic, here are my recommendation for the Top 10 Must have’s – some are just simple little usability boots, but others will transform the way you use a browser!

LastPass: This is simply incredible. Install this on any browser, on any computer, and it stores all your passwords securely, in the cloud! It literally means that the next time you put in your password to login to a website, last pass will pick it up and you will never have to enter it again! Simply magic!

Picnick Image Editor: We all need to quickly edit an image from time to time, be it simply resizing the photo or cropping the dimensions, or maybe something a little more complex even. Picnick brilliant integrates into Chrome and with one click you can be editing any image on a web page and then save to file or upload to even save to Flickr etc – absolutely invaluable

nullNew Tab To Tasks: I LOVE this one. If you use Google Tasks – you’ll know its a brilliantly simple way to keep a to do list which is in your gmail and you can get it on your iPhone etc. Although if like me you do not actually make the effort to look at it enough, here is the answer: This extension integrates Google Tasks into any new Tab, so this way you cannot help but see your tasks more, so you’ll get more of them done and also put more in too! I feel more productive already!

Google Mail Checker Plus: This one beats the pants off the standard Gmail Checker which is one of the most popular Chrome Extensions. It’s an in-line popup showing you your mails without loading up gmail in a new window, but also lets you delete, Archive, Mark as Read or Spam any mail with one click. Super Efficiency!

Google Mini Maps: This extensions lets you open up a mini map window on top of your current tab to find something on a map without loading Google Maps in a new tab. it’s Lightning quick too. Stay tuned to this one for some nice updates too.

AniWeather: A lovely little weather forecast extension that gives you a nice little popup with all the info you want, highly customisable. Also pops up a tiny reminder of the weather in the bottom corner whenever you start the browser :-)

AdBlock: This version of AdBlock for Chrome does a great job of blocking those pesky ads we all hate on certain sites.

IE Tab: As fantastic as chrome is, sometimes certain sites just don’t work properly, usually due to developers not updating their work to the latest standards. I hate having to revert back to IE – but thankfully this extension displays any page/site using the IE Engine, so you’ve now got the best of both worlds!

Smooth Gestures: A brilliant “Mouse Gestures” extension for Chrome that left you do things like navigate back and forward between pages by just using your mouse. Absolutely essential.

SlideShow: Lastly one of the best, more impressive and also useful extensions I found. This turns any page with images or a gallery – into a beautifil fullscreen slideshow. Works great with Facebook, Flickr, Google Images and many more.

A comedian with a serious message

I recently stumbled across a British Comedian and Political Commentator called Pat Condell. His website starts off with a fantastic introduction “Hi, I’m Pat Condell. I don’t respect your beliefs and I don’t care if you’re offended. Cheers” which sets it off nicely for what’s coming up.

Pat is an avid atheist and has some remarkably interesting thoughts on modern day religion, especial Islam. He has a travelling comedy show, but is much better known for his collection of short clips on Youtube and Liveleak which spark huge amounts of controversy, resulting in spin off rebuttle video’s and he has even recieved Death Threats!

I think this is a fantastic example of how one person can use the Internet to really spread their message to great effect, as his video’s have been seen my many millions around the world, and heads are turning…

There is a book currently high in the bestsellers lists called “The God Delusion” which supports the Creationist views