Facebook adds 100 Million users in 8 Months!

Facebook is an incredible social phenomenon: It took close to 5 years to hit the magical number of 100 million users – but now it has doubled that to 200 million,  in just 8 months. Doubling your user base in under a year is a fantastic achievement – and it not rare for startups with just thousands of users – but doubling from a base of 100 Million is simply astonishing.

At 200 Million Users, Facebook is:

  • Twice as big as the largest number of people who have ever watched a Superbowl game
  • Twice as big as YouTube
  • Twice as big as Skype
  • Bigger than the number of people who own gaming consoles in their homes (190m)
  • Bigger than the population of all but 4 countries in the world. (Just passed Brazil, next in line is Indonesia and then the US.)
  • Twice as big as eBay.
  • Four times as big as the number of people in the US who run on treadmills.
  • It’s twice as big as the number of malnourished people in India. Another way to look at that is to imagine that half of the people on Facebook were malnourished and living in one place.

Facebook is the perfect example of Web 2.0 – and it it starting a revolution.