Deep Or What

The big boys in the school playground of electronic music have predominantly been Tech House and Techno – they’ve been the main players on the scene for a good while now. Not so long ago the new kid on the block, Minimal, took quite a prominent stance in the group, but despite all the hype, very many people just can’t take Minimal seriously, he’s always been a bit of a ‘Marmite’ genre.

Recently though, a new revelation has come about. One quiet little kid that has been chilling in the corner of the playground – happily doing his own thing – has started to get noticed. That kid is Deep House. Everyone knows him and he’s certainly been relatively well liked in certain scenes, moreso the hotel bar scene rather than the Ibiza Superclub – but it seems that just recently, the big boys of music have invited him to play with them – and Deep House is now starting to make a prominent impact on the whole scene…

I’ve always been a fan of deep house. It’s always had a cool sexy vibe to it, sets the mood perfectly for a sleek hotel bar or even the background music to a cool tv program. So I have to say I’m really liking how Deep House is now cracking in with the others. I’ve said for ages that the already fine lines between genre’s like Tech House, Minimal and Techno are fast becoming difficult to tell apart at all, but I think it’s great that they can all now play quite happily together – now with a deeper funkier groove.

This mix – “Deep Or What” – aptly named after the tune I chose to begin with, is a nice selection of deep house type tunes with a smidgen of funky / techy stuff thrown in towards the end. It’s not going to tear the roof off with screams of elation, but let play discretely in the background it should get heads nodding, feet tapping, and maybe a groove or two will swing out on the dancefloor, to spark off the mood for a great night ahead…


01 – Matt Masters – Deep Or What (Milton Jackson Remix)
02 – Doomwork, Aki Bergen – Omega 1.0 – Aki’s Dopa Mix
03 – Shur I Kan – I Want it (Milton Jackson Mix)
04 – Anton Pieete – Love Machine
05 – Tony Lionni – Found A Place
06 – Okain – 717 (D’Julz Rmx)
07 – Popoviciu & Jay Bliss – Bis.Co
08 – Ramon Tapia – Mi Esposa
09 – Dj PP – I Like House Music – Original Mix
10 – Oliver Koletzki – Technica Salsa
11 – Jeff Samuel – Funk Taxi
12 – Steve Donaldson – Moisture Bud
13 – D-Nox & Beckers – Cala A Boca (Original Mix)