So I just got a Macbook


I finally caved in. After years of slagging off Mac fanboys and their undying love for Mac products – I’ve joined the team and actually got one myself. I’ve used Mac’s plenty before but I just never got what everyone thinks is so great about them. Apparatntly they are easy to use but coming from a strong windows background everything just seems weird and unnecessary. I’m still struggling but I think I’m getting there….

I decided to take the plunge as pretty much all serious DJ’s use Mac’s and not PC’s – a PC has a good chance of crashing and you really do not want that happening when you have a crowd of a few hundred people in front of you. Plus I wanted to give it an actual proper go and see what all the fuss was about. It’s only been a day so far but I’m still struggling. The whole ‘Macs are easier’ thing is bullshit, depends on perception, many things I find are less intuitive than on a pc. I find on a pc you have many different options and ways to complete various tasks, some ways are better than other depending on what you are doing. I’ve heard that once you get over the learning curve you’ll never look back, I hope that happens soon!

The one thing that is good is when it comes to external devices like audio/dj gear – apparently they ‘just work’ – I’ll have to see how that goes for me when I hook up my controller and soundcard, cause i’m having issues with sound quality on my pc, getting a lot of snap crackle and pop…

It does look good although the screen has to be at the perfect angle to see it properly which is annoying. It’s also heavier than my last laptop but it does have a CD/DVD drive which my last one did not I suppose. The Multi Touch touchpad is great, you can scroll up and down web pages by using two fingers instead of one. Although there is no “Right Click” which is annoying, you have to hold a button on the keyboard and click – easier my ass.

Hopefully I’ll get used to it soon. When I do I’ll make sure to spend my Sunday afternoons in Starbucks pretending like I’m working on something really important like a screenplay – and generally thinking I’m better than everyone else.



4 thoughts on “So I just got a Macbook

  1. About time too.

    Apple Menu. System Preferences. Trackpad. Close to the bottom click “for secondary clicks…”.

    Promise me this. Come back to this a 3 or 4 weeks… and tell me what you think is still relevant.


  2. Stiffy,
    My macbook has right-click. The bottom right corner of the mouse pad is the right click. Why is yours so shit?

  3. First part of my rant — PC stand for PERSONAL COMPUTER so a Mac is a PC! Just one of the many many lies in an Apple commercial. But it is a commercial, and very few if any actually tell the truth.

    Also the reason ‘all serious djs’ use Mac is because they saw someone else using it, and since it’s a copy cat world…

    Yeah mac seem to ‘just work’ until you’d want to do something real with it, then the dumb down user interface will totally get in the way. Want to cut paste a file with command short cuts? Can’t be done, you must drag and hold the apple key. The list goes on. Also Mac do crash, try using Final Cut Pro for a while, doing some real editing. Newer version are a lot better, but they still are crash prone when you have too much going on, or find the interface bug that they haven’t fixed for the last 3 version. I’ve never really had a problem with devices on the Windows or Mac, but there are several of the more advanced sound cards that do need drivers for Mac (my M-Audio 2424 for example), and there are tons that don’t need drivers on Windows, even more so if you’re using Win7. Also let’s be real, you paid a ~30% premium for that Apple logo. The new solid aluminum cases are really nice though.

    But if YOU like your new laptop, and it works for what you want and need, that’s all that really matters. Just please don’t turn into one of those smug apple assholes :P

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