My New Favourite Website –

I you have not heard of Quora yet, I highly recommend you give it a try – it’s the first website in a long time to secure a spot on my bookmarks toolbar at the front of my browser, and usually the first one I now refer to if I have a few spare minutes to browse the web and learn about something interesting…

What sets Quora apart from other questions and answer sites is quite simply its incredibly high quality replies and the fact that most of the contributors  respond with very helpful and intelligent answers. You post as yourself not an alias, and you are encouraged to give details on your experience on any subject you are responding to. Amazingly you often get very official people responding to questions – like very senior C level execs in some pretty big companies like Facebook etc. The community regulates itself by using upvotes and downvotes meaning the best constructed and credible answers float to the top.

Here are a few really great threads that are worth having a read of:

Then here are some lists from Quora of some of their favourite questions from the last year:


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