LastPass – You’ll never have to remember a password again!

This is truly one of the most amazing little programs I have ever discovered, and I can’t believe I had not seen this years ago.

It’s a very simple program that installs in your browswe; IE, Firefox Chrome and many more, and quite simply securely remembers all your passwords for every site you want, and fills it in for you whenever you need it to! Its really a Godsend and I can’t see myself ever being without this again.

It’s totally secure, only works when it knows its you (You obviosuly have to log in with one master password at first) but after that you’re done. If you log in to a new site it does not recognise, it will descretely ask you if you want it to remember these details in its secure online database. Even if you start working on a new computer, just install lastpass, log in, and you’re done! So simple and so effective.

So get yourself over to now and get on it!

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