Is White the New Black?


The trends of colours is a funny thing. We are all fairly aware of how different colours are more/less popular in the world of fashion, one season its hot and next season its not, not many other areas are quite as volatile. Cars are obviously an area where we all have a preference and when buying a car, one of the major key decisions we will make is on the colour.

It’s a personal choice and psychologists will say they can tell a lot about you by the car I drive. I think my current car; a Milano Red Civic Type R probably describes my personality quite well – for the moment anyway.

Obviously, some cars look better in some colours than others. Many supercars some in wild variants of orange, yellow and green, the likes that would never be seen on family saloons. Jeremy Clarkson recently slagged off BMW because in their new range of X5’s you have an incredibly limited choice of dark greys and blues – and nothing else. Boooooorrrrrrring!

However, the one thing I have noticed recently is how pretty much all the major manufacturers, are now touting while as the new ‘cool colour’… I have to say that in this instance anyway, I have fallen to the feet of the marketers and jumped on the bandwagon with full force. A couple of years ago I would not have driven a while car if you gave it to me for free. I really thought it was a colour that just should not be used for cars at all. OK if you live in Audi Arabia and having a while car will mean its 5 degrees cooler when you get into it in the morning, that s probably a good enough reason, but apart from that – no thanks.

Now however, I have done a total 360, and now I have to say I absolutely love the colour white. As in the photo above, for some reason I just white has taken on a new persona, maybe something to do with a minimalistic and simplistic style. Its just cool.

I’m pondering a change of car right now and considering going for a Honda Integra Type R (DC2) – arguably one of the best front wheel drive cars every built – and always unmistakeable in “Championship White”. I always love the car but up until recently I’d have bought a black one…. Not any more.

Even with motorbikes, white is now cool. Almost matching my car, my current bike – a Ducati Monster – is red. My next bike however, is going to be one of these:

The Ducati Monster 848.

Ducati’s, like Ferrarri’s are mostly found in the striking red which almost simbolises high performance vehicles. The 848, like the 1098, 999 and 749 etc does loook fantastic in Red, but there is just soemthing about this bike that gives a real wow factor in white.

So instead of having all toys in red, quite soon I might be sporting white all over.

Pity its such a bitch to keep clean.

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