I’m getting an iPhone!

Despite the fact that I’m a fairly tech-savvy kinda guy, up until recently I’ve never had any Apple products. iPods are deemed are essential by many, but due to the fact that my music is always with me in either my car on on my pc media centre at home, I just never had the need for one.

I actually got a present of a iPod Touch a while back, and really did not use it for ages. It was not until I went on holidays over Christmas and brought it with me did I realise how cool they actually are. It’s all the extra applications from the appstore that are really impressive. I love the way it works with wifi and you have email internet and a host of other capabilities with you on your phone – music and photos as well, obviously.

So I’ve decided I’m getting an iPhone. The thing is that they are dam expensive and I’m not eligeable for an upgrade for some time. However, someone taught me a little trick. I called up 02 and told them i just got a new job, and my company have an agreement with Vodafone and want me to move over to them. Now strictly this is actually true in my case, but anyone could just say that. Anyway, I spent a good while on the phone with them and eventually they offered me a gold upgrade and a months free line rental! Happy Days!

Anyway, if you  alreadyhave one, check out this article called “Why you have to jailbreak the iPhone”

I’ll let you know how I get on with it

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