How to Jailbreak the iPhone with 3.0 software update

You may have heard that the new 3.0 software update is out for the iPhone – giving you much needed updates like Horizontal keyboard and Multimedia messaging. And sure enough only a matter of days after it was released, the iPhone Dev Team (a group of hackers) have cracked the software so that you can “Jailbreak” your iphone. Jaulbreaking your iPhone allows you to install apps that are not approved by Apple and the iStore. Apple put in certain restrictions that this can get around. E.g. The first apps I got after jaulbreaking were a video camera “Cycorder” – and “MXtube” which lets you download youtube video’s to your iphone to watch any time. have a great tutorial on exactly how to jailbreak your iPhone using “RedSn0w”  which is the software that does it for you.

When you have done this, I recommend installing a program called “Installous”. It lets you get almost any apps on the iStore for free! To do this, add “” as a new source through Cydia (A program you get when you Jailbreak) and then search for “Installous”.


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