How to get over 200gb of cloud storage for (almost) free!

It seems like every other week there is some new cloud storage vendor coming online giving away a few free gb’s of storage. I’m a big fan of dropbox and I managed to get over 20gb of storage from them using the referrals link. I use Dropbox every day and love it.

However, I do have a need for storage for stuff I don’t need to access every day. Instead of backing up DVD’s etc of my photos and old files, I have been meaning to find an online alternative. I just found it. A new service called who give you 15gb free – and then with a few referrals I managed to get that to 30gb. However, I found a fantastic gig on fiverr of a guy who gives you an additional 200GB, yes 200GB, for just five bucks.

Check out the the gig here – I had it in under 24 hours – and now I have 230 gb to back up a large portion of my hard drive to the cloud, and not have to worry about it, or have it cost me anything!

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