Google Chrome gets Extensions and becomes pretty much perfect.

Chrome Extensions
If you are still using the windows default Internet Explorer to browse the internet, shame on you, its a truly shockingly bad piece of software and should be banned.  Firefox has been very popular for a long time and when it first had a big release I thought it was the best piece of open source software ever. It was just so much quicker and less bloated and I could not stand using IE afterwards.

Recently, the guys at Google had a go at making their own internet browser and when it was first released I gave it a test drive out of interest. I was very impressed with its speed and simplicity – but soon went straight back to Firefox as I missed many of the aspects of Firefox which gave it the edge, mainly Extensions.  Firefox has loads of great little add ons that personalise it, like the  weather forecast in  the toolbar, options for downloading files, and my favourite being “Mouse Gestures” where you can navigate ‘back’ and ‘forward between pages by holding the right click and dragging.

However, Chrome now has Extensions (well, in the developer beta anyway) and this has just booted it way past firefox.

Check out for what is available.

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