Gmail Task list on your iPhone!

A while back I was excited to write about how Google added a task list into Gmail. Like most people I always have a to do list of random things I need to remember, unfortunately I pretty much use my head for these things, which we all know is not 100% reliable. I always wanted a decent task list that was ‘just there’ – already built in to something I use all the time – so Gmail was the perfect place to put it.

So I’ve been using it for a while, and its good, but lets face it still isn’t always with you. Until now. Now google have developed a iPhone app for the task list, which syncs up perfectly. This is great. Now any little things I need to remember or do, I can add them easily here and they are always in sight and in mind.

I can feel myself getting a whole lot more productive already!

Check out the video here:

2 thoughts on “Gmail Task list on your iPhone!

  1. I use Gmail on my iphone 3g..and it always worked fine, until all of a sudden it stopped working. It would not update my email and just say “connecting….” and then “cannot connect to”. It was so frustrating! I tried several things, none of which worked. Finally I got a tip from someone online to just go into gmail on my computer and change my password to something more secure. Up until then my password had just been a simple word, but after changing it to something with a number and longer word in it, gmail worked on my phone again. But gosh it was so frustrating when it wasn’t working.

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