Fantastic deals on TV’s right now…


I remember the day i saw my first ever flatscreen TV. It was upstairs in the old electronics division of Brown Thomas, where they had all the best and most expensive (ripoff) new products.

It was a 42″ which may be pretty commonplace today, but it looked as big as a cinema screen to me at the time – probably because I was about 12 and probably no more than 4 feet tall ha ha ha…

Anyway, if you so wanted to be an early adopter of this fantastic new technology, you could walk out of there with one under your arm, for just a penny less then IR£12,000! Twelve Grand! You’d have to me mad! That’s like a bazillion Euro in our new monies today!

Thankfully, things are different now and there are some properly savage deals on tv’s right now. If you are in the market you’ll be very glad you read this…

Like I said in previous posts,you’d have to be mad not to buy from the UK and take advantage of the great Sterling exchange rate!

The two sites which I have found the best deals on are:

Richer Sounds: Previously they used to have a shop in Dublin – now they are in Belfast but they will deliver any tv to Ireland for €25* (Tell them you are a member of

Laptops Direct:  The Irish face of a UK company, they do much more than just laptops.

The best value deal i can find right now, which i plan to buy quite soon, is a Samsung 32″ HD Ready TV for £319 but there are loads of other deals on both those sites, so go take a look!

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