Electric Picnic 2009

Enough of all this recession bullshiiiiit – let’s concentrate on the FUN things coming up. It’s now (apparently) summer so tome to get out in a field with a tent and get messy with your mates to comer quality tunage. No better place t do it than Electric Picnic. I’ve been a good few times before and its always a fantastic weekend. The lineup does not exactly blow me away this year but I have been both Orbital and Basement Jazz before and they are usually great to watch.

Really to me it would not matter who is on, you have so much fun just being down there regardless of going to gig’s – its worth going no mater what.

Oxygen actually has a pretty good lineup but you would not catch me down there with the tent blazing pikeys!

2 thoughts on “Electric Picnic 2009

  1. I agree that the line-up isn’t great… it’s pretty unoriginal and uninspired, almost like whoever put it together was too hungover to make the effort. Saying that, EP is as much about boozing in a field with you mates as it is the music, so it’s going to be fun regardless. Orbital and Basement Jaxx always put on a great show, as do 2 Many DJ’s and Simian Mobile Disco. Can’t wait really!! Wouldn’t mind a stab at Oxegen too. The line-up’s so good that it’s almost worth the risk of getting set on fire ;)

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