Danny Tenaglia’s Loft – Wow!

Seemed apt on the recent retirement of techno/progressive DJ and producer Danny Tenaglia do the photos of his rather unique and expensive loft from 2010 rise again online.

Included are images of over 20,000 vinyls, a 1 ton dub plate machine and many other quirky bits and pieces.

Also posted on the original Deep Absurdum are comments from Danny himself which are worth a chuckle or two.

“Welcome to the headquarters of DTour Inc., Be Yourself Int. and Stay Tuned Productions.  We have been here since 2001 & I am finally sharing my very private happy space with all of my friends, peers, mentors, colleagues, and fans as well.”

“This is my favorite shot as the lens captured 3 of the 4 stacks. I decided to paint them white and it gave an entirely new energy to the room. It’s all about energy! :-)

Although I do still have all six stacks from the original Shelter, Vinyl, Body & Soul system, I only have four on because 6 would BE way too much! :-0 I can almost hear the Perfect Thunder of The Bass just by looking at this photo! It truly sounds phenomenal. Imagine me preparing my sets here …. and how spoiled I must BE? :-/ ji ji”

“The Disco Ball went up Five Years after me being up here. It was a present to me from Kevin McHugh! The lights on top of the record shelves are now mounted into the ceiling. I sit in that chair under the ball facing the windows and I always wonder if this ball will one day fall right on my head and do me in for good ?? :-0 And what would the newspaper headlines say? LOL”

“records records records and about 20,000 records . . . . . . . . There will never BE enough time to listen to them all . . . .”

“Yes, an original Scully Lathe/Acetate/Dub Plate machine. It weighs almost 1000 pounds and it was nearly impossible to get it delivered up here because we have no elevator. Imagine 4 delivery men screaming their way up the stairs for almost 2 hours! 1 – 2 – 3 AHHHHhhHH!!!!! LOL

Did I forget to mention the fantastic Paradise Garage Neon Sign – designed by PONS! :-) ”

“This side rack has DJ mixers that I’ve collected since the 70′s including an original silver face 1975 Bozak. There is also a Power Mixer, Sound Workshop, Vestax, Rane, Pioneer 800, Pioneer 1000, a custom mixer designed by Marshak Audio which blends UREI & BOZAK all sitting in there like a Museum. THE MAIN MIXER ON SYSTEM OUTSIDE IS A UREI – Naturally! :)

Top left is the original Bozak! 1975! I was 14 years old! (( ouch ))”

“This record explosion is from a couple of years ago. This went on to become the Pro-Tools studio but ultimately became our main office where Bossman Kevin now sits with our chief assistant & dear friend: Alex Perez. All those records are up on IKEA Shelves in a closet.”

“This is my office (and our lounge) that is adjoined with Kevin & Alex’s office, and the other side is the big main boom boom room! And now you all know where all my coins went !!! I’z got good ta$te yo! LOL”

“This is Burchan’s Paradise! We give him water and feed him twice daily with 3 bathroom breaks only! :-x I call him THE BURPORT MASTER!! But we have other secret sources too! ;-x

I love these chairs. They are very JFK Biz Class lounge, Circa 1967! Behind the orange wall (to the right) is the recording studio.”

“This is where we made Futurism, Space Dance and loads of Edits & Mashups with lots more to come.

Some of my old school gear. So much of it is “plug ins” these days AND YES, That is the original Artwork from above the entrance of 6 Hubert Street. Awwww …. :-/”

“This Space Ship Custom DJ booth is now in storage! No one wants to buy it :-( LOL”

From: http://stoneyroads.com/danny-tenaglia%E2%80%99s-loft/

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