Collection of Traktor Pro Tutorials, Tips & Tricks

I’ve recently started Using Traktor Pro – I got together a collection of videos & links that would be of help  to many so I thought I’d share them here:

Native Instruments Tutorials:

Part 1 – User Interface:
Part 2 – Looping:
Part 3 – FX Setup:
Part 4 – FX Demo:
Part 5 – Crate Flick
Part 6 – 4 Decks:

Richie Hawtin on his Traktor (3) Setup:

Midi Mapping Part 1:…eature=related
Midi Mapping Part 2:

Ean Golden – DJ Tech Tools:

VCI-100SE Walkthrough:
Traktor Audio/Setup Guide:

Cue Points:
Assigning Effects:

Dynamic Buildups:
Dafer FX Theory:
Live Loop Recording:
Create Drumroll:


Traktor 3 DVD Tutorials :–48172 – its a ripoff – I don’t think its wroth buying as the tutorials above will cover most of it.

Traktor Pro Bible: – proper softcover book by an expert covering all aspects of Traktor pro. Also expensive but I have ordered it – I’ll let you know what its like.

Traktor World: – hardware guide, compatible controllers, DJ Interviews etc.

Can’t think of too much more but any links I’ve missed please post here. Please check out my house & techno mixes here:

12 thoughts on “Collection of Traktor Pro Tutorials, Tips & Tricks

  1. What are you feelings on the traktor pro bible ??

    Big thanks for this collection man!!!

  2. No worries guys glad you like them! The Traktor bible is great. Not cheap for a book but its nice to have a reference when you need to work out how to do something…

  3. plz can u help me map citronic mpcd x3 plus a bhengier mixer im new to digital
    many thanks ur tutorials have helped me alot

  4. what you’ll have to do with multiple controllers is: create a mapping in controller preferences (check yutube to do this-i’m currently at work and wouldn’t want to give you mis-information!), then when you have mapped the contrller the way you want, you have to export the settings, name it (whatever controller you are using), and save it. Then map the other controller, export, name, save.

    That means you would have created two tsi. files. then go to import, and import the first controller, then when that’s loaded, import the second one. It won’t overwrite the other controller, and you’ll have both set up working fine.

    Bear in mind that BCD2000 isn’t compatible natively with Traktor 2.5, only the BCD3000 onwards.

    Hope this has been useful, if not try dj tech tools forum for help.:)

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