Urban Outlaw – an incredible movie on a very unique Porsche collecter

Whether you are into cars or not this is still an incredible short movie I highly recommend you watch…

Beautifully shot with some of the best cinematography you’ll find – featuring an incredibly interesting guy called Magnus Walker. A very individual guy who started from nothing, over over a fairly short time accumulated a collection of business and cars that pretty much epitomises the phrase “Living the Dream”.

The trailer is great but I must insist that you take 20 minutes out to watch the whole movies, it’s simply breathtaking

Watch it here: www.reelhouse.org/mos/urbanoutlaw

Danny Tenaglia’s Loft – Wow!

Seemed apt on the recent retirement of techno/progressive DJ and producer Danny Tenaglia do the photos of his rather unique and expensive loft from 2010 rise again online.

Included are images of over 20,000 vinyls, a 1 ton dub plate machine and many other quirky bits and pieces.

Also posted on the original Deep Absurdum are comments from Danny himself which are worth a chuckle or two.

“Welcome to the headquarters of DTour Inc., Be Yourself Int. and Stay Tuned Productions.  We have been here since 2001 & I am finally sharing my very private happy space with all of my friends, peers, mentors, colleagues, and fans as well.”

“This is my favorite shot as the lens captured 3 of the 4 stacks. I decided to paint them white and it gave an entirely new energy to the room. It’s all about energy! :-)

Although I do still have all six stacks from the original Shelter, Vinyl, Body & Soul system, I only have four on because 6 would BE way too much! :-0 I can almost hear the Perfect Thunder of The Bass just by looking at this photo! It truly sounds phenomenal. Imagine me preparing my sets here …. and how spoiled I must BE? :-/ ji ji”

“The Disco Ball went up Five Years after me being up here. It was a present to me from Kevin McHugh! The lights on top of the record shelves are now mounted into the ceiling. I sit in that chair under the ball facing the windows and I always wonder if this ball will one day fall right on my head and do me in for good ?? :-0 And what would the newspaper headlines say? LOL”

“records records records and about 20,000 records . . . . . . . . There will never BE enough time to listen to them all . . . .”

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