So, here’s some mixes for you…

Although I have done very little DJ’ing of late, electronic music is still a huge passion of mine. I’ve been an avid fan since I was in my teens, and have been Djing for many years – last year in a few clubs and festivals which was fantastic fun. Once in a while I’d record a mix, and below is a bunch of them should you want to have a listen. Many of them are pretty old now but they are still worth a listen. There is something for everyone, house, techno, minimal, electro etc – I try to do something different each time – so please have a listen and I hope you enjoy.


Colly – Live @ Laundry – Hogans 5/03/2010

Laundry kicked off last weekend in a brand new venue – the Basement of Hogan’s on George’s St. On the decks was myself, Conky Claire Roche and Giles K. The night was a great success, good crowd, great tunes and loads of fun all round, we love the new venue and we’re very happy.

This is my set from the night – I just added one at the beginning that I like and starts off the mix well. It’s deep and smooth for the first while getting progressively more funky and chunky as I built it up to get the dancefloor bouncing.

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Okain – House is good to me
Gabriel Ananda – Coconut Blues
Lauhaus & Sandy Huner -Truckin’ (Agnes Remix)
Andre Crom & Luca Doobie – Better Now than Late
Hermanez – Gold Coast (Lauhaus Remix)
Lauhaus – Ditched
Milton Jackson – Ghosts In My Machine – Original Mix
Shur I Kan – I Want it (Milton Jackson Mix)
Tomoki Tamura – Brick House [Milton Jackson Remix]
Michel Cleis – La Mezcla
Ramon Tapia – Mi Esposa
Paul Cooper – Saxofon (Original Mix)
SIS – Trompeta
Victor Vera & mijail – Jungler (Original Mix)

Here is a quick video from the night too:

Deep Or What

The big boys in the school playground of electronic music have predominantly been Tech House and Techno – they’ve been the main players on the scene for a good while now. Not so long ago the new kid on the block, Minimal, took quite a prominent stance in the group, but despite all the hype, very many people just can’t take Minimal seriously, he’s always been a bit of a ‘Marmite’ genre.

Recently though, a new revelation has come about. One quiet little kid that has been chilling in the corner of the playground – happily doing his own thing – has started to get noticed. That kid is Deep House. Everyone knows him and he’s certainly been relatively well liked in certain scenes, moreso the hotel bar scene rather than the Ibiza Superclub – but it seems that just recently, the big boys of music have invited him to play with them – and Deep House is now starting to make a prominent impact on the whole scene…

I’ve always been a fan of deep house. It’s always had a cool sexy vibe to it, sets the mood perfectly for a sleek hotel bar or even the background music to a cool tv program. So I have to say I’m really liking how Deep House is now cracking in with the others. I’ve said for ages that the already fine lines between genre’s like Tech House, Minimal and Techno are fast becoming difficult to tell apart at all, but I think it’s great that they can all now play quite happily together – now with a deeper funkier groove.

This mix – “Deep Or What” – aptly named after the tune I chose to begin with, is a nice selection of deep house type tunes with a smidgen of funky / techy stuff thrown in towards the end. It’s not going to tear the roof off with screams of elation, but let play discretely in the background it should get heads nodding, feet tapping, and maybe a groove or two will swing out on the dancefloor, to spark off the mood for a great night ahead…


01 – Matt Masters – Deep Or What (Milton Jackson Remix)
02 – Doomwork, Aki Bergen – Omega 1.0 – Aki’s Dopa Mix
03 – Shur I Kan – I Want it (Milton Jackson Mix)
04 – Anton Pieete – Love Machine
05 – Tony Lionni – Found A Place
06 – Okain – 717 (D’Julz Rmx)
07 – Popoviciu & Jay Bliss – Bis.Co
08 – Ramon Tapia – Mi Esposa
09 – Dj PP – I Like House Music – Original Mix
10 – Oliver Koletzki – Technica Salsa
11 – Jeff Samuel – Funk Taxi
12 – Steve Donaldson – Moisture Bud
13 – D-Nox & Beckers – Cala A Boca (Original Mix)

Sunday Morning Grooves

Sunday morning is one of my favourite times to mix. You’re tired and your head is it bit foggy from the night before, so putting on a few smooth sounds is the perfect way to open the day. This morning I pressed record – started off with some nice laid back tunes and let it flow from there. Leads on to come chunky percussions and funky basslines, perfect to waken you up for the day ahead…


01 – Nils Nurnberg – Caught In A Glimpse – Original Mix
02 – Popoviciu & Jay Bliss – Bis.Co
03 – Matt Masters – Deep Or What (Milton Jackson Remix)
04 – Consistent – Midday Blend (Oliver S Rmx)
05 – Milton Jackson – Never Be Wrong – Original Mix
06 – Veztax – Whatzup We (Valentino Kanzyani Remix)
07 – Robert Babicz – Procast
08 – Steril – Rock the Nation (Lützenkirchen Remix)
09 – marshall – papagnusa
10 – Anton Pieete – Love Machine
11 – Ramon Tapia – Klinker
12 – Alex Kenji – Adelante (Ahmet Sendil Remix)
13 – Kid Handsome – Respirator – Original Mix
14 – Menini & Viani ft. Christian Key – La La Land (M&V re-touch)

BroadKast – Live on “Kitchen-Sync” Radio


Myself and a few lads from one of the forums have set up an internet radio station – and I’ve been doing a few sets in the evenings.

Here is a set I did a few days ago – I’ve called it BroadKast. No particular genre I was just mixing together a few tracks I like at the moment. Starts off Housey, goes keep, minimal and then into Techno.


01 – Electro Peaks – Peak 01 (Klaas Promo Mix)
02 – Milton Jackson – Ghosts In My Machine – Original Mix
03 – Broombeck – Mono Turn (Org.Mix) – Broombeck – Mono Turn (Org.Mix)
04 – Lutzenkirchen – Corroder
05 – Loco Dice – Pimp Jackson is Talkin Now!!!
06 – Milton Jackson – Crash (Original Mix)
07 – Ray Okpara – Brothers
08 – Alex Under – Las Bicicletas Son Para El Verano Remix
09 – Namito – City Of Gods
10 – Ramon Tapia – Mi Esposa
11 – Michel Cleis – La Mezcla
12 – Alex Under – Extrapezlo
13 – Alex Young – Darkness & Lighted – Original Mix
14 – Marlon Krupa – Bershka – Marlon Krupa – Bershka
15 –
16 – Paul Ritch – Split – Original Mix
17 – Paul Ritch – Split – Original Mix
18 – Milton Jackson – Never Be Wrong – Original Mix
19 – Okain – 717 (D’Julz Rmx)_MASTER
20 – Pig & Dan – Terminate (Original Mix)
21 – Daniele Papini – Church of Nonsense (Original Mix)
22 – Devilfish, Roel Salemink – Manalive – Jon Rundell Remix
23 – Norman – Ich Bin Was Ich Bin (Andomat 3000 Remix)
24 – Boza – Twisted Mind (Alex Celler Tech Dub)
25 – Deadmau5 – Duo Cad Sordid (Original Mix) – Deadmau5 – Duo Cad Sordid (Original Mix)
26 – Plastikman – Spastik 2006 (Randy Katana Remix)
27 – 2000 And One – Spanish Fly – Original Mix
28 – DJ Simi – Errore Di Sistema (Original Mix)

Dirty Water – Very Specially Selected Tech House and Techno

Minimal Techno is, I think, a very misunderstood genre. Since I started delving into the world of Mininmal, I’ve got completely enthralled in it and really haven’t been listening to anything else over the past few months. My first minimal type mix – Minimalistic – focused on the more upbeat, bouncy type tunes. This is a little different. What I’ve aimed to do here is arrange a selection of tech house, minimal and techno tunes in a smooth journey which can be enjoyed by all.

Out of all my mixes I think this is my favourite – for some reason it has got very few downloads here, but I urge you all take a listen, I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Theo Parrish – Falling Up (Carl Craig Remix)
Dubfire – Emissions
Gabriel Anada – Sweet Decay
Jade – Spectre
Audiojack – Robot
Shlomi Aber – Freakside
Marc Antona & Anthony Collins – Sharks
Georgio Giordano – Nino’s Dub
Josh Wink – Swirl
Shalomi Aber – Blonda (Funk DeVoid Mix)
Kid Handsome – Jackinmaster
Shalomi Aber – Crop Duster
Gui Borotto – Mr Decay
Nathan Fake – The Sky was Pink – (Martinez Master Mix)

Beautiful Morning

You know those nights when you’ve been out having a wild night in a club, come back to a house party with some close friends, and continue on until late into the next day… It could be 5am, 7am or even later, the darkness has subsided, sun is coming out, the party is settling down, yet the mood is still warm and happy, just more chilled and relaxed than the mayhem that was being unleashed a few hours earlier. The need for big pounding baselines has now past, and what is called for now is a more chilled out, laid back and subtle selection of smooth and relaxed yet upbeat, nice, warm sounds.

“Beautiful Morning” is for just these times. A very special collection of tunes I have put together, a mix of styles from everything to house to techno – some tunes that individually would not necessarily be out of place on way more hard and chunky sets mixes, but pieced together selectively to be the perfect soundtrack to the moment.


Julien Jabre- Swimming Places (Original Mix)
Gui Borotto – Chromophobia
Shlomi Aber – Tokyo Shanghai
Dominic Eulberg – Bionic
Sebastian Ledger & Chris Lake – Acqualight
Kid Handsome – Huckame
Shalomi Aber – Freakside
Kid Handsome – Jackinmaster
Gui Borotto – Terminal
Alex Under – El Danubio Universal
Len Faki – Rainbow Delta
Gui Borotto – Mr Decay
Gui Borotto – Beautiful Life


The Naughty Mix – Filthy Dirty House Music

I’ve been wanting to do a few Themed Mixes for a while, this is the first one…

This mix is full of the most dirty, nasty, filthy tunes you’ve ever heard, with a few pornographic accapella’s thrown in for good measure. If you are in any way sensitive, this may not be for you…

However if you like a little bit of filth mixed in with you tunes once in a while, please have a listen I thin you’ll enjoy it…

Jerry Ropero – Fuck U
Sebastian Ledger – Grab My Hips
Bad Cabbabe – Your Rude
Deadmau5 & Meelleefresh – Sex Slave
Hose Nunez – Bilingual
Deadmau5 & Meelleefresh – Something Inside Me
Starkillers – Discoteka (ErickE Shake It Up Remix)
Wawa – Crazy Sax
Willy San Juan – Straight Girls Don’t Lick Pussy
PQM – You Are Sleeping (Deep Version)
Finger Fest Inc – Auto Porno (DJ Chus & Ceballos mix)
Deadmau5 & Melleefresh – Afterhours
Who’s Who – Sexy Fuck
Josh Wink & Lil Louis – French Kiss

This was a pretty difficult mix and took a lot of hard work to get it right. It’s a total mix of many varying styles, some recent releases but some very very old songs too.


I’ve been really getting into the whole Minimal thing recently. This mix is not ‘true minimal’ – it’s more of the bouncy-funky side of tech house with a minimal feel, but a good ease-in for those that are new to it.  I actually used to hate it but I spent the weekend downloading a few random minimal tracks and have really got into it since then…

Anyway I went out clubbing on Friday night, and as no one else was home when I got back early in the morning, I decided to mix up a few of my new tunes. For the hell of it I pressed record just to see what would happen. Now bear in mind that this was not planned in any way and I barely knew any of these tunes at the time – but  I think it turned out pretty well and this is one of my favourite mixes to listen to!


Finally got around to recording a new mix over the weekend. It’s the first one I’ve recorded in many months, and also the first one I’ve done on my new M-Audio Torq Xponent. I’ve got a huge amount of new music lately, most of it on the deeper, darker and chunkier side of Electro and Tech House. It’s a pretty good indication of the type of music I’m into at the moment – I hope you like it.

Sorry no tracklisting – I’m too lazy, but to give you an idea, tunes from: Booka Shade, Julien Jabre, Cirez D, Sebastian Ledger, Surkin, Calvin Harris, Robbie Riveria, Andrea Bertolini, Ferry Corsten, Martijn Ten Velden.

Mousetrap – A Tribue to Deadmau5

NB: 2011 Note: This mix was done many years ago before anyone really knew who the hell Deadmau5 was – funny to look back now – since he’s become so well known he;s pretty much the epitomy of cheese / selling out. Despite this, the stuff he did in the early days was decent, much better than the rubbish he churns out these days… Anyways here’s the post none the less:

One of my favourite producers at the moment is a guy called Deadmau5. “Joel Zimmermann” is from Toronto Canada, and is one of the hottest progressive producers around at the moment. I like his music so much that I decided to make a mix containing tunes that are solely produced or remixed by him.

This mix is one of my favourites to listen or dance to – some really nice chunky Progrssive / Tech House  and Electro…

For more Deadmau5 check out these links:
Deadmau5 @ MySpace
Resident Advisor – Deadmau5


This is a mix I did way back when ElectroHouse was just starting get big – and quite a long time before the fad died and the market was full of total rubbish. It’s fairly old now but still a decent assortment of uplifing bouncy house and electro-house, more accessible and commercial than I usually play, but fun none the less :-)


My New Toy

I’ve had quite a few mixers in my time, but I’ve finally just got delivery of the one I’ve been most excited about.

It’s called the M-Audio Torq Xponen. M-Audio are the guys very well known for their high end sound cards, and they have recently been delving into the Digital DJ Equipment world, and I have to say they are doing a pretty good job.

In my opinion this is the best Fully-Digital Solution for a DJ. All you need is this, and a Laptop, and you’re good to go! It has everything a regular DJ Mixer has, and a whole host of extra goodies. The Torq Software is fantastic, and with the upcoming 1.5 update is really going to give the likes of Serato and Traktor a run for their money…

Check out the article on for more info.