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If you have not heard of Internet Meme’s – you are missing out. Here are a bunch of them Find more or make your own at:

This has to be the worlds best door to door salesman – brilliant!!

This guy is an absolute legend!! I’ve worked in sales for 10 years and the skills this guy shows is incredible, along with some really great rapport and comedy thrown in. AS he says, would you not buy this just for the show alone? I would!

I think this guy may be a comedian – not sure if he became a comedian before or after this clip – but if not, someone should give him a proper sales job – and make it another one of those happy ending stories like the homeless guy with the amazing radio voice who was given a life changing hand!

Huge big list of Top Gear Stig Introductions

The Stig. Our favourite make believe person next to Santa. He’s a better driver than God, and he has never, ever, crashed a car. Well… Apart from the Reliant Robin… And Koenigsegg…

Everyone loves the introductions from the Top Gear presenters – so here is a bunch of them:

Some say he can play guitar with the clutch…and his carbon fibre beard is chizelled in the most streamlined way…

Some say that all his pot plants are called steve.. and that he has a life size tattoo of his face.. on his face..

Some say, he’s actually dead… But the Grim reaper, is too scared to tell him…

Some say He’s contracted every STD known to man, and that he has inflatable breasts to get him out of speeding tickets. All we know.. is

Some say he nighted the queen….and that he saved the Queen from God….

Some say that he can hypnotise sheep, and that if he could be bothered he could swim the Atlantic ocean – underwater.

Some say, that he is one of the protons in the Large Hadron Collider, AND that he creates miniature black holes every time he sneezes.

Some say, that he once co-presented a brazillian show about blimp disasters, and that once, he actually punched God.

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