20 TED Talks that EVERYONE should watch

If you’re not familiar with TED – you’re in for a treat. TED, which stands for “Technology, Entertainment, Design” was founded in 1990 it was a small secret gathering of very smart people with the plan to share and spread great ideas. It now has conferences all over the world and has hundreds of videos on the web. Here are a collection of my favourites…

Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?


Reggie Watts disorients you in the most entertaining way


James Randi: Homeopathy, quackery and fraud


James B. Glattfelder: Who controls the world?


Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

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New Native Instruments ‘Kontrol’ 4 Channel Midi Controller for Traktor Pro

So, looks like Native Instruments are doing exactly what I predicted (hoped) they would. It’s a 4 Channel controller specifically for Traktor with jog wheeels, effects, samplers, and on-board sound card, and lots of other goodies. YES!!! I’m so buying this, I just hope it won’t be as expensive as the Xone DX.

Looks like the release may be accompanied with a new release of Traktor Pro too.

From: http://www.djtechtools.com/2010/07/21/traktor-pro_controller_new/

  • There is a new software on the way with 4 loop players/samplers
  • This will be a 2 deck/4 channel mixing console much like the new Xone DX
  • It has a built in sound card and will be around the same price as the DX ($1200 ish)
  • The decks are switchable from a-b c-d
  • Lots of good LED feedback
  • What looks like 4 cue pads per deck
  • NI is calling it a Traktor System (Hardware and Software combo)

The questions remain – What is it going to be called? Kontrol X2? Kontrol X3? Kontrol X4, Kontrol X5?
And how much is it going to cost? Says $1,200 above other sites have said it’s going to be €799 which would be right on the money..

Screen grabs form the video

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Traktor pro

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Traktor pro

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Traktor pro
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No Place Like Dome 2010 (NPLD)

NPLD No Place Like Dome 2010
I’m finally recovered from what had to be of of the best little Irish festivals ever. No Place Like Dome or NPLD is a very small music and arts festival in Sligo, this was its second year ever and it was a great success. It was organised by a small group of friends who just thought that Ireland needed something new and fresh on the festival scene. basically a bunch of lads went to Burning Man in the US and were so blown away they wanted to do something similar in Ireland, and they did just that. The first year was a tiny 250 people, so basically a big extended group of friends, and this year it was expanded to 600 – but it still felt really small and intimate. It’s basically anti-commercialism so you cannot buy anything there – you bring everything you need and you barter for anything else – or basically get given it as it happened as everyone was so friendly. Tickets are cheap at €80 but you get lots for your money.

Myself and the Laundry DJ’s were delighted to be asked to play at it this year. We had just played at Life Festival 2 weeks before and that was a truly incredible weekend, I can’t remember having had so much fun. NPLD was quite different, also great fun but it just had something a little more special. It’s super relaxed atmostphere made it feel more like a big friends party than a commercially organsied event (and in one way that’s exactly what it was). There were loads of great bands and DJ’s all playing for free, such is the spirit of the gig. There was the main dome, the Bass Bunker which was absolutely brilliant – a fantastic place to play a DJ set, a Liquid tent as seen in Life Festival with a Funktion One system, and then the accoustic stage where they burned a big campfire to keep everyone warm at night. There was also a set of decks set up in the Tea Station – a little hut where they gave out free tea and chocolate to everyone!

All in all a fantastic weekend and I cannot wait for next year! Here are a few random pix I found online, I’ll try to add more soon

Another Ferrari Crashed in Sandyford

This is just brilliant… A guy from a car valeting company was bringing this Ferrari back to Des Cullen’s after its wash job. The car was in sport mode, it has a flappy paddle gearbox, and the traction control was turned off. A couple of girls walked by and he decided to show off and revved the engine… But when it hit 4000rpm and the launch control kicked in and sling shot him across the road – head first into a Peugeot 307!!! The worst thing is – its not insured because he wasn’t supposed to take it out of the valeting premises! It was up on carzone to be sold at 110k – HATE THAT!!!!