Beautiful Morning

You know those nights when you’ve been out having a wild night in a club, come back to a house party with some close friends, and continue on until late into the next day… It could be 5am, 7am or even later, the darkness has subsided, sun is coming out, the party is settling down, yet the mood is still warm and happy, just more chilled and relaxed than the mayhem that was being unleashed a few hours earlier. The need for big pounding baselines has now past, and what is called for now is a more chilled out, laid back and subtle selection of smooth and relaxed yet upbeat, nice, warm sounds.

“Beautiful Morning” is for just these times. A very special collection of tunes I have put together, a mix of styles from everything to house to techno – some tunes that individually would not necessarily be out of place on way more hard and chunky sets mixes, but pieced together selectively to be the perfect soundtrack to the moment.


Julien Jabre- Swimming Places (Original Mix)
Gui Borotto – Chromophobia
Shlomi Aber – Tokyo Shanghai
Dominic Eulberg – Bionic
Sebastian Ledger & Chris Lake – Acqualight
Kid Handsome – Huckame
Shalomi Aber – Freakside
Kid Handsome – Jackinmaster
Gui Borotto – Terminal
Alex Under – El Danubio Universal
Len Faki – Rainbow Delta
Gui Borotto – Mr Decay
Gui Borotto – Beautiful Life


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Morning

  1. ya legend man. great feckin setlist there. i love every bloody track on it.
    flattered to be in there among pretty much my favourite tracks of the past two years!!!

    keep up the good work man

  2. i like the slight build up about 3/4 into the mix, just to finish a bit more mellow. I hate seeing the sun come up, depressing!!! ;)

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